Monday, July 13, 2009

Pronouns in Italian

  • egli - he (literary)
  • lui - he (common speech), him
  • ella - she (literary)
  • lei - she (common speech), her
  • esso - it (masculine)
  • essa - it (feminine)
  • essi - they (persons or things)
  • loro - them (persons or things), they (common speech, persons)
  • noi - us, we (plural)
  • tu - you (informal)
  • voi - you (plural, formal and informal)
  • io - I
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    Friday, July 10, 2009

    Basic Italian Expressions With Pronounciation

    Italian spelling
    English sound
    si"syh" yes
    no"noh" no
    forse"fohrseh" maybe
    chissà"kyssah" who knows?


    Italian spelling
    English sound
    grazie"grahtsyeh"thank you, thanks
    molte grazie"mohlteh grahtsyeh"thanks a lot
    grazie mille"grahtsyeh myhlleh"a thousand thanks

    prego"prehgoh"you are welcome

    The verb ringraziare (to thank) is also often used in expressions of thanks:
    INFORMALti ringrazio= I thank you
    FORMALla ringrazio= I thank you
    INFORMAL / FORMALvi ringrazio= I thank you, plural person

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    Wednesday, July 8, 2009

    Italian Pronounciation

    Italian letters are pronounced in English sound as shown below:

    Italian Letter(s) English Sound
    ci or cech
    gi or gezh

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    Friday, July 3, 2009

    Italian Colors

    White Bianco/a

    Yellow Giallo/a

    Orange Arancione

    Pink Rosa

    Red Rosso/a

    Light Blue Azzurro/a

    Dark Blue Blu

    Green Verde

    Brown Marrone

    Gray Grigio/a

    Black Nero/a

    Italian Numbers

    1. one :: uno
    2. two :: due
    3. three :: tre
    4. four :: quattro
    5. five :: cinque
    6. six :: sei
    7. seven :: sette
    8. eight :: otto
    9. nine :: nove
    10. ten :: dieci
    11. eleven :: undici
    12. twelve :: dodici
    13. thirteen :: tredici
    14. fourteen :: quattordici
    15. fifteen :: quindici
    16. sixteen :: sedici
    17. seventeen:: diciasettee
    18. eighteen :: diciotto
    19. nineteen :: diciannove
    20. twenty :: venti
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    Italian Alphabets

    a :a :: b : bi :: c : ci :: d : di :: e : e :: f : effe

    g : gi :: h : acca :: i : i :: j : lunga :: k : kappa

    l : elle :: m : emme :: n : enne :: o : o :: p : pi

    q : cu :: r : erre :: s : esse :: t : ti :: u :: u :: v : vu

    w : doppia :: x : ics :: y : greca z : zeta

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    Thursday, July 2, 2009

    Simple Dates In Italian

    Week days are described in Italian as,
    Monday: lunedì
    Tuesday: martedì
    Wednesday: mercoledì
    Thursday: giovedì
    Friday: venerdì
    Saturday: sabato
    Sunday: domenica

    Months are describes in Italian as ,
    January: gennaio
    February: febbraio
    March: marzo
    April: aprile
    May: maggio
    June: giugno
    July: luglio
    August: agosto
    September: settembre
    October : ottobre
    November : novembre
    December : dicembre

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    Simple Italian Phrases

    Do you like coffee? - ?? pronounce as "Le/Ti/Vi piace il caffè?".

    Good Bye.- ?? pronounce as "Arrivederci!".

    Good evening- ?? pronounce as " Buonasera".

    Good Luck!- ?? pronounce as " Buona fortuna!".

    Good Morning!- ?? pronounce as " Buongiorno!".

    Good night- ?? pronounce as " Buonanotte".

    Happy Birthday- ?? pronounce as " Buon compleanno!".

    Happy New Year!- ?? pronounce as " Felice anno nuovo!/ Buon Capodanno".

    Hello! -?? pronounce as "Prónto!"

    How Are You? - ?? pronounce as "Come stai?/ Come state (polite)?"

    I Love You! -?? pronounce as "Ti amo!/ Ti voglio bene!"

    I Missed You So Much! - ?? pronounce as "Mi sei mancato molto!"

    My name is Rocket Italian - ?? pronounce as "Mi chiamo Rocket Italian"

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