Friday, September 9, 2011

Rocket Italian vs Rosetta stone

If you query "Rosetta Stone versus Rocket Italian" and read the reviews, you could get the impression that there is no contest and that you should absolutely buy Rocket Italian because you found three or four people who simply love it and wrote about it on their blog.

The Rosetta Stone was developed by Allen Stoltzfus who believed that immersion is the best way to learn a new language. This Italian software purports to teach you how to speak, read, and write Italian fluently by immersing you in the language. This means that there will be no English hints. Everything happens in Italian and you will have no clue how to figure things out. The experience is just like being in a Italian-speaking country and having no clue what everyone is saying and having to get by with little or no knowledge of the language.

The difficulty with Rosetta Stone is that it does not teach the learner anything at all about grammar. This might not be suitable for some people that feel more comfortable and confident by knowing why as well as how something works. Also, there are three separate products that take you from beginner to advanced. Each one is quite expensive and the whole set is considerably more expensive than Rocket German and many other types of courses.

Rocket Italian takes a slightly different approach. It combines a variety of teaching methods, not merely relying on immersion. It makes use of an audio course, an interactive PDF course, games, a forum, and follow-up lessons via email. The course caters to both novice language learners and advanced speakers. The Rocket Italian software also provides flash cards that can be printed so the learner can play with fellow language learners.

The Rocket Italian software is without a doubt a lot more worth for income than the Rosetta Stone. It has a ton of features that users commend for being user-friendly and effective It is quickly navigable, caters to all types of learners, is more structured and well-intended, and doesn’t going to give the learner a headache like the Rosetta Stone does.

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