Friday, September 9, 2011

Rocket Italian Review – Can You Really Learn Italian Fast?

Learning a new language isn’t easy – especially Italain…  If you want to learn Italian fast, you’ve really only got a couple of options… More on that in a minute though.

**First of all, this isn’t where you buy the Rocket Italain course.  If you’re looking for Rocket Italian- make sure you click this link.


So my search for a way to learn Italian fast started when my idiot boss decided to send me overseas to work on some new acquisition that him and his partners dreamed up!  He only gave me a few weeks to prepare!

You see, I took a years of Italian in high school but it was incredibly difficult.  I couldn’t speak a lick of it or really even being to interpret it.  I always got hung up on how to form verb tenses.

 So my boss decided to send me over to Rome to work on his new project because he remembered I had some Italian in my background… More than any of my coworkers at least.

I like my job (but wasn’t that fond of him…) and didn’t want to screw anything up, so I decided I had about 6 weeks to ‘relearn’ Italian.  What followed was a frantic search for a good Italian course that I could take online so I could wow them into giving me a raise…

I can honestly say though, most of the programs were garbage. There was only ONE that I would recommend out of the 4 I tried.

That course was Rocket Italian!

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